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Multiple nested Collections on a single page

Multiple nested Collections on a single page

This Webflow study solves the long-standing problem of the nesting multiple collections with unlimited collection items in one single page.

The nested collections feature, which is available by default in Webflow designer, is a powerful tool. You can place a collection inside a collection on every static page (e.g. display blog tags on the main blog page). Webflow has, however, provided this feature with two drastic limitations: (1) Nested collection items are limited to a maximum of 5 items. (2) Maximum one nested collection list per page.

An easy and lightweight way to nest unlimited collections with unlimited collection items on any single and dynamic page is to use a (simple) jQuery code snippet.

This solution is based on the jQuery .load() function - a simple way to fetch data from a server and place the returned HTML into a matching element.

This project ist clonabe in the Webflow Showcase and contains short documentation to start from scretch ;-).

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